CoCoDigi visited annual AOM meeting in Boston

Our research group was represented at the annual Academy of Management meeting in Boston, MA, in August, as two papers were presented at the conference. The papers were authored by Kaisa Laitinen and Anu Sivunen, and by Jennifer Gibbs, Anu Sivunen, and Ward van Zoonen. Both papers are still in publication process, but some preliminary results were highlighted at the conference.

Kaisa Laitinen and Anu Sivunen discussed different factors behind employees’ information sharing in the presentation of their paper The Motivations and Constraints behind Employees’ Information Sharing on Enterprise Social Media. The goal of this ongoing research is to form a picture of how and why employees share information on enterprise social media platform. Preliminary results indicate that information sharing on enterprise social media is shaped by personal, technological, and organizational dimensions, which play a role in how much and what kind of information employees’ are willing and motivated to share.

Jennifer Gibbs, Anu Sivunen, and Ward van Zoonen presented their paper Managing Tensions in Global Work and Worker Well-Being: The Paradoxical Role of Social Media. The study focuses on global work and the potential pressure to be constantly connected and available via communication technologies. This demand of constant connectivity will likely affect and be affected by employee well-being and engagement, but also by organizational and cultural norms.

These interesting projects continue as the research goes on. Both presentation papers are currently in preparation for journal publications.

79th annual meeting of the Academy of Management was held in August 2019, in Boston (Massachusetts, USA). AOM divides into several divisions depending on discipline and topic of research. CoCoDigi-papers were presented in the Organizational Communication and Information Systems (OCIS) -division.