Communication and Collaboration on Digital Platforms Research Group

CoCoDigi research group brings together several research projects examining communication, relationships, networks and information sharing in digital environments in a work context. The focus is on enterprise social media at the workplace and its potential effects on the organisation’s communication.


PARIS – Paradoxes and tensions of employee’s knowledge sharing on social media 2018 – 2022

The aim of the project is to examine employees’ information sharing on various social media platforms in information-intensive work. The research focuses both on enterprise social media and employees’ personal social media. Information sharing is examined from the perspective of affordances. The research aims to explore the ways in which employees build their identities and manage the boundaries of work and non-work related content within the organization’s internal social media as well as in personal social media.


GloBound – Social Media and Boundary Management in Global Work
2019 – 2021

The project centers on information sharing and the management of work-life boundaries in global work. The aim is to explore global workers’ information sharing boundaries at work, but also at the work-life interface, particularly through social media.

Media Work 2030 – An interdisciplicary approach to media work in the age of digital disruption

The project studies media work and media professionals as actors in the digital media environment. The starting point in the project is that digital disruption is not only a challenge for media organisations but also for individual media workers. The project brings together several research traditions (media and communication studies, social and public policy research, sociology, psychology, and brain research) in a unique, interdisciplinary way.

COVID-19 and remote work in Finland – Survey of working remotely during coronavirus

The project studies how coronavirus has affected remote work practices and workers’ experiences in Finland. CoCoDigi-project works together with several universities and organizations, as this collaboration is led by LUT University.

Past projects


EntNet – Enterprise Social Media, Communication Practices and Networks
2016 – 2018

The project focused on how social media tools are being utilized in employees’ communication relationships and networks, what role do they play in employees’ information sharing, and how social media affordances are linked to employees’ motivation to share knowledge and use enterprise social media.


Somedia– Innovation work and enterprise social media (ESM) in Finnish media organizations 2018 – 2019

The project focused on technology-mediated innovation work in Finnish media organizations. Special interest was placed on innovation work taking place in enterprise social media. The project consisted of case studies in two Finnish media organizations and produced a workbook that can help media organizations streamline their innovation practices in the future.