Paradoxes and Tensions of Employee’s Information Sharing on Social Media (PARIS)

This project studies the implementation and adoption of collaboration tools and information and communication technologies more broadly. Specifically, the project aims to deepen our understanding of the causes and consequences of enterprise social media (ESM) use and public social media use (such as Facebook and Twitter) in global work settings.

The project assesses how different affordances and uses are associated with individual and organizational outcomes such as knowledge sharing and employee well-being. The project casts a paradoxes and tensions framework to investigate the potential tensions resulting from overlapping professional and personal social media identities, work-life boundaries, and constant connectivity. We examine how employees are navigating and managing resulting paradoxes and tensions, and how this relates to more distal outcomes of knowledge sharing and individual well-being. Hence, this project places Paradoxes in Information Sharing (PARIS) center stage and relies on research triangulation and international collaborations in an attempt to advance theoretical and practical understandings of technology use in global companies.

The research is funded by the Academy of Finland for the years 2018 – 2022.

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