En­terpri­se Social Me­dia, Com­mu­nica­tion Prac­tices and Networks (Ent­Net)

The aim of the research project was to study enterprise social media and information sharing at the workplace. The project focused on how social media tools are being utilized in employees’ communication relationships and networks, what role do they play in employees’ information sharing, and how social media affordances are linked to employees’ motivation to share knowledge and use enterprise social media.

Data were collected in collaboration with Finnish national broadcasting company, Yleisradio. The organization had implemented an enterprise social media system, which was being studied through employee interviews, surveys and analysis of their communication. The studies conducted in the project were both data and theory-driven and the analysis methods used were both qualitative and quantitative.

The project was funded by Yleisradio for the years 2016 – 2018.

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