CoCoDigi research group goes to ICA 2019

Our research group has several accepted paper presentations at this year’s ICA (International Communication Association) conference. We are excited to go to Washington DC to talk about our research on communication technology use after hours, enterprise social media, creativity in virtual teams as well as visibility and knowledge brokering in organizations. The following papers will be presented in the Organizational Communication Division of the ICA:

Laitinen, K., Treem, J. W., & Sivunen, A. (2019). Enterprise Social Media and Employees’ Relational Networks: Relational Exploration or Transactional Use?

Markkanen, M. & Villi, M. (2019). Enablers and constraints of creativity: Communication climate and technology-mediated idea sharing in dispersed teams.

Treem, J. W., Laitinen, K., & Sivunen, A. (2019). Can you have a social intranet? Examining multiple design logics in the implementation of information and communication technologies in organizations.

Van Zoonen, W., Sivunen, A. & Rice, R. E. (2019) Communication technology use after hours: Finding comfort in boundary-spanning communication.

In addition, the following papers with a CoCoDigi connection will be presented in other ICA divisions:

Ruotsalainen, J., Villi, M. & Hujanen, J. (2019) Pioneering a future of journalism beyond the private-public divide: Hybridity in textual news practices of entrepreneurial journalism outlets. Journalism Studies Division.

Lindén, C-G., Villi, M., Lehtisaari, K. & Grönlund, M. (2019) Helping Hand? It’s Google’s World of Media and Journalism Now. The Rise of Platforms, ICA post-conference.

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